Niki Jodi


Established in 2000, NIKI JODI is a signature creation of the Italian designer under his own name.

NIKI JODI was grown up in Trevi, a place which is regarded as a fairy tale-like wonderland. Inspired from the spirits of nature, NIKI JODI adopted the power of colors in his every art piece in order to spread the messages of wonderful life.

Colors and diversity are the core elements of NIKI JODI’s design. The collection of bags are colorful but easy to wear, simple but elegant. NIKI JOD combines its innovative design with the high quality imported European cattle, sheep and deer leather and its exquisite craftsmanship in order to build a bridge connecting people and natural environment.


NIKI JODI is about the magic of colors. NIKI JODI believes that colors can reflect the personalities and mood of people. Owing to this strong belief, NIKI JODI unites colors, materials, quality and functions to design a collection of bags, which is beyond just a fashion accessory. The brilliant colors and diversified designs escort every lady to express positive and harmony mind in connecting to the environment and enjoying lives.


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