COBO Internazionale


Established in 1994, COBO, referred to Gazelle in Italian, has imbedded with the design philosophy of being graceful, elegant, and sensible, successfully merging the trendy and fashionable western characteristic flavor with the sophisticated and exquisite eastern. Currently, COBO has about 100 distribution point in China and Hong Kong.

The name of COBO imbedded with the impressions of agile, courageous, righteous, and gracefulness. It also symbolized our company approaches that we are flexible in dealing with challenges, are responsible for our customer happiness and stakeholder, are resilience in engaging with competitors, and are innovative and open-minded in our designs.

COBO uses high quality calf, sheep, and deer leather in making its products and amplifies the refined flavor of traditional hand-craft product in manufacturing so that each and every customer can confidently display her values through COBO’s products.

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